Paediatric Eyecare


Why is paediatric eyecare important?

Good vision involves more than good eyesight. Good vision involves having efficient scanning, focusing and visual coordination skills for reading and learning in the classroom.

A comprehensive pediatric assessment is encouraged if a child is described as 'doing poorly in school' "failing" not working up to potential" "diagnosed as learning disabled "disliking school work" or having a school problem.

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Regardless of the cause of your child's vision problems, early diagnosis and treatment can provide children the best chances for appropriate education and social development. Learn More.


We specifically design our optometry treatment for paediatric vision problems based on your child's needs. The treatment may involve training for eye muscles (vision therapy), corrective lenses or contact lenses.

During your eye exam, the Optometrist will use a variety of lenses, drops and other tools to evaluate your eye health and vision. These special drops are used to view the inside of your eyes and relax the focusing ability of your eyes.


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